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Emergency Tree Removal in Charlotte, NC

When an emergency strikes, contact Treescape for your emergency tree services. We understand the importance of rapid removal as trees and limbs can be extremely hazardous. Whether your trees are causing danger because of old age, weather, or an accident, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Leaving your trees in precarious conditions can cause damage to your house, vehicles, and the people around you. For your safety and the health of the tree and your property, don’t let another day go by where your tree is causing potential danger.

With decades of experience and the industry’s best equipment, our team here at Treescape can get your tree trimmed or removed with great ease. When we remove trees, we are extremely cautious and precise with our operation. We ensure that nothing will be damaged and will keep your property clean. If you have a tree on your property that you’re worried about, contact us today and we’ll provide a thorough inspection. If we deduce that your tree is in fact a hazard, we’ll remove it the very same day. Don’t risk an accident and give us a call today. For our Charlotte location, call (704) 598-6641. To get in touch with our emergency tree services in Gastonia, call (704) 867-4100.

Emergency Tree Services

We understand the hazards that come with a damaged and or old tree. That’s why we provide our expertise and skills 24 hours a day. We want to keep our community as safe as possible and help eliminate the risk of accidents. All of our tree services are available on an emergency basis in order to protect the people of North Carolina. With our experienced and dedicated crew, we are able to offer emergency tree services that include:

  • Tree inspection – Our experts will assess your tree and decide whether it is in danger to itself, you, and your neighborhood.
  • Tree removal – Within a day, we can fully remove your tree including the stump.
  • Tree trimming – To clear obstruction and potential hazards, our professionals will remove the dangerous limbs and bring new life to your tree.
  • Tree preservation and health – For the overall health of your tree, our arborists will assess the roots and soil to make sure your tree is happy and healthy.
  • Landscaping – To save you time and keep your property looking as beautiful as possible, our landscape experts provide exceptional lawn care.
  • Shrubbery – For healthier and better-looking shrubbery, we bring them new life by reshaping.

Charlotte’s trusted tree experts

When it comes to tree services, no one is more qualified than Treescape. Our decades of experience and commitment to safety and satisfaction make us the premiere tree service providers in North Carolina. In 2017, we were honored to receive the superior service award from Angie’s List. Every day, we seek to help the people in our area find maximum beauty and safety on their property. We are dedicated to the health of trees and love what we do. For an experienced, affordable, and friendly tree service provider, choose Treescape.

For emergency tree service, call 704-598-6641 now!