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Treescape offers a variety of services from tree removal to landscaping in which we offer a tailored design plan to meet both your budget and your design goals.


Tree Removal

Treescape follows standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to remove trees efficiently and safely. Tree removal is recommended when:

  • New construction is involved
  • The tree is hazardous
  • A replacement of a more suitable tree is needed
  • The tree is dead or dying

Treescape’s tree removal  provides the right equipment, experience, and the expertise to remove any tree in any situation.

Landscaper Pruning Tree

Tree Pruning

At Treescape we use a variety pruning methods such as drop crotch, crown reduction, and cosmetic to coincide with the natural shape and look of the trees. Dead, cracked, or diseased limbs are removed any time of the year. Pruning can also be performed anytime of year. Read more about our tree pruning service.

Tree Diagnosis and Treatment

A thorough diagnosis can best determine a plan for your trees to prevent or defend themselves from further injury. Diagnosis of tree problems requires a thorough knowledge of plants, soil science, botany and climate horticultural practices. See our tree inspection service page for details.

Emergency Tree Removal

When a tree trunk, limb, or branch falls on a structure or power line, it creates a danger to both you, your family, and your property.  Whether it was caused by storm damage or another reason, learn about how Treescape offers 24/7 emergency tree services.

Beautifully Landscaped Back Yard


We offer tailored design plans that meet both budget and your design goals. We pride ourselves in custom landscape and design & installation by staff that help plan and landscape your outdoor space to suit your specific needs. Read more about our landscaping service.

Stump Removal

The tree removal process includes chipping and haul-off as part of the services we provide. Treescape removes the tree by cutting the trunk within inches of surrounding ground level. Stump grinding mulches the existing tree roots several inches below the surface hiding as it decays naturally.

Certified Arborist

Certified Arborists are highly educated individuals in the art and science of tree care through experience and by passing a comprehensive examination developed by some of the nation’s leading experts on tree care. Certified Arborist must also continue their education in order to maintain their certification and adhere to a Code of Ethics. This makes them more up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

Landscaper Pruning Shrubs Outside

Tree Fertilization

Do your trees or shrubs need fertilization? Tree fertilization helps keep your trees healthier in order to fight off bug infestation and diseases easier.  Fertilizing is mainly done in spring so it can boost their growth and strengthen their foliage. We use a deep root feeding process that gets right to the source where its needed the most. We provide services for residential and commercial properties at an affordable cost. Whether big or small we can get the job done.

For Expert Tree Services in Charlotte & Gastonia, Call Treescape Now!