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  • Previous Employment

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  • I certify that all information I have provided in order to apply for and secure work with the employer is true, complete and correct. I understand that any information provided by me that is found to be false, incomplete or misrepresented in any respect, will be sufficient cause to (i)cancel further consideration of the application, or (ii)immediately discharge me from the employer's service, whenever it is discovered. I expressly authorize, without reservation, the employer, its representative, employees or agents to contact and obtain information from all references (personal and professional), employers, public agencies, criminal background checks, licensing authorities and educational institutes and to otherwise verify the accuracy of all information provided by me in this application, resume or job interview. I hereby waive all rights and claims I may have regarding the employer, its agents, employees or representatives, for seeking, gathering and using such information in the employment process and all other persons, corporations or organizations for furnishing such information about me. I release the company from liability for any damage that may result from utilization of such information.

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