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What is an Arborist? – The true definition of an arborist is “tree surgeon,” and that isn’t far from the truth. In the industry, someone can call themselves an arborist if they’ve accrued technical competence to efficiently and correctly care for woody plants and trees. Arborists or as they’re sometimes called, arboriculturists study the biomechanics of a specific tree from the cultivation, reactions to pruning, growth, diseases to the decompartmentalization of decay. Tree surgeons are more like a family doctor than a plumber, they prefer to take care of a tree as it grows to be sure to do their best work. Arborists will care for the health of the entire tree and also has some interest in shrubs and vines.

Part of the research that should be done before adding a tree to your property is to be aware of possible times an arborist needs to be brought in throughout the tree’s life span. When thinking about planting, having an arborist weigh in on the tree’s location could cut out future issues with growing into power lines or blocking Winter sunshine. After the tree is planted an arborist can help when it’s time to prune, each type of tree has individual needs when it comes to pruning and professional arborists know exactly the type of pruning that each tree needs. If you feel it’s time to remove a tree, tree surgeons can come in and assess the situation. Sometimes they can even fix the problem that the branches are causing without having to remove the tree at all. Lastly, when there is a storm or another tree emergency; arborists know how to clean up the mess while damaging as little of the property and tree as possible.

If you’re in need of an arborist and live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, then Treescape is the go-to service for knowledgeable and professional tree care experts. Contact us today for a free estimate on our tree services. We’ll be happy to help.

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