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 Why Trimming?

A tree trimming service is necessary to keep trees healthy and looking great. Everyone should adopt this practice, especially if they care just as much about tree health as they do appearance. Trimming allows a tree or shrub to be shaped and designed to look good. Pruning treats damage, fungi, and molds to keep your plants healthy for years on end. Many people neglect the regular maintenance of trees to focus on  home gardens and landscaping, but trimming and pruning is essential to tree health.

What Kinds of Trimming to Choose From?

There are multiple classifications for a tree trimming service. The first is trimming, which involves cutting to improve a tree’s appearance. The second involves cutting to improve the tree’s overall structure. The third is hazard pruning, which is cutting heavy or loose branches due to safety concerns. Lastly, there is crown reduction. Crown reduction deals with removing branches on the sides or tops of trees. This can prevent obstruction of utility lines or allowing for sunlight and air to reach inner branches. Tree trimming service done by professionals makes sure that the trees are handled efficiently and correctly. Doing things alone is not recommended, as it could involve harm to yourself or your tree.

When to Trim or Prune your Trees

Tree trimming service can be done at different times of the year for a different effect. Light pruning and removal of dead limbs is a service that can be done year round, but there are certain times to do other services. Winter pruning/trimming is one of the most common practices. After the coldest part of the winter has passed, tree pruning will result in a burst of new growth in the spring. Summer pruning is used to slow the growth of a tree or branch. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of leaf surface. Another reason for summer pruning is to correct the growth of defective limbs. A possible need for this is a limb hanging down under the weight of too many leaves. Too increase flowering, prune when flowers fade. Trees that flower in mid to late summer should be pruned in winter or early spring.

When it comes to tree trimming service, fall should not be one of the times of year you should be trimming down. Decay tends to spread very rapidly in the fall, and a healing tree would be preyed on rapidly by the harmful fungi of decay. This is another reason to get an expert for tree trimming service, as you may not know when the best time to trim will be.

Trimming in Charlotte!

The Charlotte area is home to a variety of tree growth and wildlife. One thing that sets North Carolina apart from many other states is the lush greenery seen all around. Keeping these trees healthy is one way to give back to the environment. Tree Trimming Service from Treescape is the perfect way to keep your yard looking great and your trees healthy. We are experts on anything outdoors, and our certified arborists are there to do the best they can for your trees.

For a free tree trimming estimate, call us today at 704-867-4100 in Gastonia or 704-598-6641 in Charlotte!

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