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Caring for trees in Belmont, NC

The gorgeous natural canopy of the area enhances living, working, and playing in Belmont, NC.

But sometimes, trees become too majestic for residential living. Their towering size and far-creeping roots can pose a problem for people with smaller lawns or businesses.

The professionals at Treescape will help safeguard you and your property against any potential hazards decaying trees might pose. Having tree inspections and maintenance done routinely not only helps you detect decaying and possibly hazardous trees; it also helps you find ways to preserve them.

The arborists at Treescape can advise you as to what type of tree you’re dealing with and their current health condition. Some trees can be troublesome throughout the year and Treescape can assist you with tree services across all residential and commercial Belmont, NC property.

Arborists take into careful consideration all aspects of the tree before they get trimmed, or in severe cases, removed. As long as the tree can still be saved and does not pose potential harm to others, Treescape tries its best to preserve them and get them back in optimum health.

Other than tree inspections, removal, and preservation, Treescape also offers a variety of landscaping services for your home and business, including lawn improvement. A professional landscape design can give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Belmont is a tree-studded place and that’s what makes it all the more beautiful. But having more trees mean more responsibility, especially to owners. Keep your family, lawn, and trees safe by trusting Treescape in Belmont. Call us today at 704-867-4100 in Gastonia or 704-598-6641 in Charlotte for a free estimate!

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